Exercise Therapy: Proven Results for Injury Rehab Patients

Sometimes, broken arms and legs – while painful in the short term – are nothing more than a nuisance that recover with just a few weeks off work and some rest. However, some injuries can lead to lifelong complications, often causing chronic pain in the process. You may think you’ll never be able to return to a familiar and satisfying lifestyle again, but that’s not necessarily true thanks to modern and proven injury rehab treatments.

At Kinetic Medicine, we’re a team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists that can help regain mobility, embrace a healthier lifestyle and relieve symptoms of pain by developing a bespoke exercise therapy regime for your particular situation. Exercise therapy not only helps people recover faster but can also minimise the risk of injuries in the first place. In fact, we can treat and relieve symptoms in sufferers of:

  • Chronic pain

  • Long-term injuries

  • Cancer

  • Cardiac conditions

  • Pulmonary problems

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Diabetes

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Arthritis

  • And much more

We usually develop long-term injury rehab plans to work alongside other medical treatments, but many patients can reduce their medication requirements over time thanks to our innovative movement and exercise therapies. All our exercise physiologists are university-qualified health professionals, and we only utilise tried and tested treatments with proven results.

Just because your injury won’t fully heal doesn’t mean it has to be the driving force behind your way of life. We have injury rehab clinics in Forster and Taree, at which we focus on assisting in your recovery and boosting your wellbeing. We provide plans that offer long-term benefits, so call us on 02 6557 7479 to book a consultation