Lipoedema & Lymphoedema: Two different conditions 

So what is the difference? 

Lipoedema is an increase in adipose tissue in the limbs most commonly affecting the legs however can also affect the upper limb. The symptoms of Lipoedema can manifest in many different ways. 

While Lymphoedema is swelling under the skin caused by a build up of fluid in the lymphatic system (which is the network of vessels that drain fluid from the body tissue). 

Both of these conditions cause swelling in the limbs of the body. A person with Lipoedema has an increased risk of developing Lymphedema if the build up of adipose tissue affects drainage. The combination of these two conditions is called lipo-lymphoedema. 

How can an Exercise physiologist help? 

By delivering graded low impact exercise such as light weights, hydrotherapy or water-based exercises as well as yoga, Pilates and walking we can assist in improving blood flow and drainage in built up adipose tissue. A graded exercise program in conjunction with compression bandages or garments and massage which both work together to encourage the flow of fluid though the body. Exercise physiologists are not only trained in the delivering a structured program for both these conditions but can also assist with pain management and emotional support